The Team

Liya B.

With over 1000 hours of body work training, Liya has been practicing massage in both spa and chiropractic environments since 1996. Her primary specialties include lymphatic drainage massage and neuro-muscular therapy. Additionally, Liya has perfected a very particular therapy for pain relief caused by TMJ / teeth grinding /clenching.  Having a Master's degree in Transpersonal Psychology allows her to help her clients on a psychosomatic level. Her passion is to serve others by facilitating awareness of their bodies and allowing them to heal. 

Kerin M.

Kerin offers deep, nourishing bodywork developed over 12 years in the field. She has trained in a wide range of modalities, from Deep Tissue, Swedish, Table Thai and TuiNa. She connects with clients through her innate depth, heart and presence and is said to have hands that know just how to work with the muscles and energies of the body!

Monique S.

My love of nurturing and holistic wellness brought me to massage. I graduated in 2003 and specialize in Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Thai, Cranio Sacral, Acupressure, Lymphatic Drainage, Reflexology, and Sports Massage. I am happy to be in Marin having moved from Oregon.

David H.

David specializes in deep tissue, swedish, sports massage, and focused work.  He has seen firsthand the healing benefits of massage where conventional medicine did little or nothing.  David understands how important massage is in decreasing and minimizing physical and mental stress.

Mia G.

I had my own practice on Kauai since graduating in 2003 specializing in deep relaxing massage. I recently moved to Marin and am excited to continue my work fusing Shaistu, Lomi Lomi and firm Swedish working around energy meridians. As a mother of three I enjoy the connection with Pre Natal massage.

Caroline P.

Prior to arriving in Marin County in 2019, Caroline trained and worked in London, Mexico City, Ashland Oregon and  Beverly Hills California. Caroline believes deeply that massage can be the transformational key to alignment of the body, soul and spirit. With this philosophy in mind,  she aims to create a healing space for each individual client to let go of stress, pain and anxiety. Caroline works effortlessly and thoroughly in a rhythmic, flowing style throughout the body, mainly applying deep tissue and myofascial techniques, to relieve joints and ligaments, invigorate and then unwind, calm and stretch the body, so that the client feels rested and complete.

Laurel T.

I was introduced to the Esalen® Institute where my own transformation took shape.  I completed my massage training there. Esalen® massage emphasizes energetic connection and long flowing, full body strokes.  After Esalen®, I had the privilege of studying Deep Tissue and Swedish massage with other gifted teachers throughout California. My goal is to meet people where they are to induce deep relaxation and facilitate a safe and nurturing space for the body to heal itself.

Anna A.

I have an extensive foundation in integrative healing and expressive arts as well as meditation and somatic processes.  My training is in Zen Shiatsu, 5 Element Theory and Practice, Swedish, and Pre/Post Natal Massage, Energy-Work, and many additional massage modalities.


I address the body from both an energy-balancing perspective and a structural alignment perspective.  A background in dance helped me to develop a strong understanding of the structure of the body in motion. I taught exercise and movement practices, and enjoy inspiring people toward greater well-being. I have been working as a massage therapist since 1996.

Doug E.

I have an intuitive approach, knowing exactly how to locate and work through those chronic “kinks” that often reappear due to stress or sports.  I specialize in Trigger Point, Deep Tissue, Sports, and Esalen® Massage in addition to my warmhearted Swedish massages.

I moved here from Hawaii in 1999 and have a love for the outdoors and world travel. 

Dan R.

Dan has been a professional bodyworker for 16 years. He has worked N.B.A. players and at sports clubs around the Bay Area. His style is intuitive; from deep bodywork to light Swedish. He trained in Asia and the Bay Area, and for the best results he combines eastern and western modalities.

Phil M.

I began practicing Swedish and Deep Tissue massage in 1985 and soon fell into Tui Na (classical Chinese) and it's energetic side known as Chi Gung Tui Na.

In more recent years my life long study has turned to Osteopathic techniques, such as cranio-sacral and visceral manipulation. My general approach it is to listen carefully to you verbally, physically and energetically and do whatever it takes to bring you more into balance and make a difference for the better.

I have a very active personal practice in Chi Gung and the related Taoist exercise arts such as Tai Chi, and I carry teaching certifications in several of them.  When appropriate, I recommend these exercises to you.

Michael O.

I am a 1994 graduate of The McKinnon Institute in Oakland and have over 20 years of experience.  In addition to having my own practice, I am also an instructor of Chair Massage. I am a naturally gifted healer and am often described by my clients with words like ‘Experience’, ‘Touch’, and ‘Intuition’. I like to say I use ‘Conscious Touch’ meaning I tune in to what your body needs and with your input, proceed from there.

Whether you are a veteran or newbie to massage, I will provide you a safe, intuitive, healing massage. I’ll bet you’ll find yourself coming back for more!

Rich B.

My favorite part of being a therapist is the sound of relaxation in a persons voice when they leave the massage room. I love that they leave with significantly less pain than when they came in. I believe that trust, respect and consistent honest communication are key when thinking about what’s best for meeting your unique needs and exceed your expectations of what a typical massage would be.


I am trained in Swedish, shiatsu and deep tissue. I also offer sports, myofascial, injury and trigger point work. Including whole body and or focused work. 


I have always had an interest in health and healing and decided that the most natural next step was to become a massage therapist. I graduated from Diamond Light Massage Therapy School in 2016. My goal is to provide clients relief of tension and stress. I specialize in Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Pre-Natal Massage. 

Ocean (Energy Healer)

Ocean is a gifted healer and guide. She has 20 years of experience ranging from
Somatic studies, Acupressure and Healing Touch, Hakomi Psychotherapy training, Buddhist studies
and Shamanic practice. She is an ordained interfaith minister and comes from a Native American
healing lineage.   Ocean enjoys assisting people to make deeper connections with the very Heart of Life: soul, spirit,
community and purpose.

Leon L.

Healer from Latvia trained in Latvian Deep Tissue - precision work with mostly fingers no forearms, and some elbows.  Also trained in, Scientific Swedish in the European style, Sports Manual Therapy for muscle and skeletal framework, Rebalancing, Visceral manipulation (diaphragm release) and Acupressure - Chinese style

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